Shunning In quilting groups – WHY?

I have been a part of the quilting world for sometime, although recently in the virtual world in groups on Facebook, it is new to me; although not new to social media I am sure.

I joined a group and thought this is going to be fun, and learning a lot from others was what I was looking forward to the most, making new contacts and maybe friends too.  It was all good until that day – oh that day sticks in my mind and most likely will for a very long time.  I was shunned, degraded, insulted, and emotionally stunted for a few days!  Yes, from a quilting group!

We would think this is a lot of nice little granny types out there giving us advice and encouraging us to do well, and scolding when we do do something really wrong, like my grandmothers did to me growing up.  Boy was I wrong!  I had not realized there were so many self delegated quilt police out there for sure.  Truth be told I had no idea what the quilt police were, where they came from, or how to send them back to hell which is where I assumed they originated!  I read somewhere the term was coined as a funny anecdote, but literally came to life one day unlike Frosty the Snowman, they were not full of joy, fun, or jest; but hateful awful mean words that cut like a new pair of fabric shears with shiny edges and razor sharp words.

My story is not new, nor will I rehash it here again, I will tell you though, I was stunned by the words of complete strangers to me, over my using fleece as batting.  I live in the North, I make quilts for my family and friends, I want them to be warm, and it is very affordable with coupons at that special place where time warps and we lose all meaning of budgets! You know where I mean…

It was this incident we will call it; that prompted me to start Quilting Perfectly Imperfect – my Facebook group which I love dearly every day, every minute actually. You can join us and be a part of our wonderful world that spans the globe, we quilt, we create, we support, give advice, and lift one another up in bad times, and even when we have lost the mojo!  this is the link!  If you are not part of our family please give us a try.  You may like it.

Sew, it was today not unlike any other day I realized there are still those self delegated quilt police whom have a real meaningless life, when they decide they are the ones who make the rules, and can tell others they SUCK!  Seriously Get the Hell out of my space!  We live in a world today, where it just seems many NOT ALL feel they have a right – well yes you have many rights, but meanness, conjecture, derisive rude comments is NOT one of them.  I was raised to respect others and they will respect me, and if they do not they are a waste of the time of day I once gave them.  Cut them off at the knees with a silver tongue and they won’t realize it until tomorrow!  My Aunt Sue taught me that little trick oh so well, and My Mother and Pseudo Mother Aunt Peggy taught me it is a waste of breath to say anything back.   My grandmothers on the other hand, made me pick my own switch of the peach tree!  Get my meaning.  Sew I have experience and knowledge on these types of people so much sew I have a degree in Forensic Psychology on the hows, why’s and whatfores of these people.

The whatfores are this:  They enjoy making others feel less than, and themselves more than, but they are neither they are miserable awful hateful people.  They are likely lonely, desperate for attention, and have issues beyond non professionals scope of understanding.  And truth be told, I feel sorry for them, but not so much so I will allow it to happen to any member of my group or friends or family.  Mess with them, be prepared for Tedwanda!  I will take you out – of my group that is.  But I will be sure you are known for who you are beforehand.

So if any of you “Quilt police” follow my blog or are thinking of joining my group.  DON’T it is SIMPLE – you will be shunned for your actions.  I hope you find peace within yourself soon, but until then please go away and sulk somewhere else.

NOW for those of you who have been victim of said EEEEEVILL peoples.  Know this, no one can steal your thunder, take your peace away, love your work less or make you feel less than unless you let them.  DON’T!  It is not worth it.  They are the ones who are wrong and they are the ones who must answer for their own actions at some point.  Know this too – You are appreciated, you are loved, and you are welcome to join us any day and relish the works of others, ask questions – since NO question is a dumb question, we all learn from one another.  And if someone tries to make you feel bad for what you have accomplished, ask them to show their work and how perfect it is, I bet it looks like a JC Penny knock off!

Remember a quit unfinished is waiting to love.

Create from your heart, love with your soul, and be one of the Imperfect ones with your head held high, your convictions in place, and the love of the passion of quilting in your blood.  We are a family of many with a goal of one – to create warmth, love and happiness for another no matter the condition of your points, the type of batting you use, or level of your experience.  You are creating from you.

Until next time!  Peace


Basics – Beginning quilters what you need.

Sew, you wanna make a quilt?  Where do you start?  How hard is it going to be, and do I have the time?  Here are some tips for those of you who have never made a quilt, or are getting back into the passion we share.  Quilting!

Many of you know, I learned how to quilt through both my grandmothers, I’m not sure my mother ever made a quilt, she did however make clothing.  I have made quilts.  Clothing mmmmm not so much.  Why?  Clothing is exact science to me; even though I am a retired nurse and science was a part of my every day life, it was NOT my passion.  Now, taking care of others much like quilting that is why I became a nurse. I have the ability to connect with people. Quilting is much the same, you need to connect with the project, have the right tools, and a passion for seeing it to completion.

History of quilting you can google that!  History of you well, you write that everyday of your life.  So leaving a piece of you behind after your passing that is  quilting; made from you to someone you hope to remember you.  A quilt keeps us warm, reminds of us things such as a vacation, a family member, or a time in our lives which made us who we are.  This is where we start.  Each quilt is history in the making, and history it will be for as long as you allow it to be shared.

Now, lets start!  Where? In the beginning of course.  First tools.  Yep tools, like what you are going to need to make this piece of history last.  How?  Using the proper tools, materials, and techniques.  Two types of quilts – hand pieced and machine pieced.  Today, it’s going to be machine since sew many of us want instant gratification, but no so fast there doggies; it wont happen in an hour unless your a wizard!

Machine quilting helps it to last since the stitching is precise, close together and held by not one thread but two!  So lets talk machines for a second.  Buy the one you can afford!  That’s it really.  You do NOT need a expensive machine to make a quilt. I do have four, yes four.  All four were under $300.00!  I have two brothers, a Singer (embroidery) and Janome all purchased new on sale.   You need a machine that make a straight stitch, with your guidance of course.  Get one with a nice light too, that does help.  Now on to the next tools…

Sew whats next? Cutting tools.  A must is a good self healing cutting mat, and rotary cutter usually bought as a set on sale with a coupon you know where! Get the one that fits in your space, you don’t need the biggest bestest most expensive ones, they work much the same at any price.  And if you hate quilting you have not blown your savings on things you won’t use. If you can afford a spinning mat, get it!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it, so versatile.  th (16)Square is best over round, since you will be cutting a lot more squares than you will circles.  Then there is the rotary cutter, get one that fits your hand!  Try them out; feel them.  Its best if they are sitting in the palm of your hand naturally.  You don’t want hand cramps from  it being overwhelming after a few swooshes across that new mat! Yes, swoosh wait til you hear that new blade cut through the fabric, its addicting!

Okay, we are almost there!  Next measurements and straight lines.  Get yourself a versatile ruler one that is marked clearly and easy to read for your eyes.  Eyes being strained lead to cuts, BAD CUTS that burn like well like being burnt! It’s not pleasant! Templates are fun and cute, but not necessary for a basic quilt.  Being able to cut a straight line in 99.9% of time is.

Scissors, well yes a good pair with comfort grip handles, mid size mainly for cutting threads, and some fabric.  OH never cut paper with them. If you’ve got the scissors; you need the thread, ask the counter lady what is best for the fabric you will use.  Now on to the good stuff – Fabric…

Fabric, fabric FABRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC.  I love fabric must be why I sell it.  How do you pick it? With your eyes of course!  Well okay sensory is best.  Does it look good, does it go with the pattern you picked, how does it feel.  If it feels funky in the store it will feel funkier in your quilt! So get what you can afford first off.  Look around, find the best deals, use coupons ( we have them at and buy what you need NOT what you want.  Remember we are beginning here.  Stash time comes after we have made our fist quilt, and realize just how much we love this art!  So, for fabric look around, touch, and think on it (its on bolts it won’t disappear before your eyes if you need and day or two).

Now you have the basics of quilting needs.  Next time we will talk about patterns and how to choose for your first quilt or 100th!  Thanks for coming by.  Never know I am an insomniac so I may be writing the next installment in two hours.  Read it when you can or skip it.  But keep coming back!

Keep the passion growing, learn from mistakes and if you think its too much walk away for a bit, and look again later.


Quilting Mends the Soul – Think about it – “Ugly Cat”

A couple of days ago I was sitting up late once again not able to sleep.  Nothing new for me, when I have these kinds of nights I tend to troll You Tube.  I like to watch the talent shows from other countries and things of that nature.


Two nights ago now; I came across a story…

First this is not easy to read I listened to it, and was in tears by the end. Second it is a life lesson we all need to remember.

It is very well known I treat my cat rats Henry and Oliver better than children, they are spoiled rotten, and I give them what they want.  Yes, they do get into trouble now and again; but for the most part they run my life.  I have complete conversations with Henry every morning.


So, as I am sitting in bed listening to the story I am  about to put up here, I had to stop and really think of what type of world I (we) live in today.

The Story of UGLY CAT –

“Everyone in the apartment complex where I lived knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and shall we say, love.

The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye and where the other should have been was a hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot appeared to have been badly broken at one time, and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning a corner.

Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby, striped type, except for the sores covering his head, neck and even his shoulders. Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. “That’s one UGLY cat!!!”

All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come in their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave.

Ugly always had the same reaction. If you turned the hose on him, he would stand there, getting soaked until you gave up and quit. If you threw things at him, he would curl his lanky body around your feet in forgiveness. Whenever he spied children, he would come running, meowing frantically and bump his head against their hands, begging for their love. If you picked him up he would immediately begin suckling on your shirt, earrings, whatever he could find.

One day Ugly shared his love with the neighbor’s huskies. They did not respond kindly, and Ugly was badly mauled. From my apartment I could hear his screams, and I tried to rush to his aid. By the time I got to where he was laying, it was apparent Ugly’s sad life was almost at an end.

Ugly lay in a wet circle, his back legs and lower back twisted grossly out of shape, a gaping tear in the white strip of fur that ran down his front. As I picked him up and tried to carry him home, I could hear him wheezing and gasping, and could feel him struggling. I must be hurting him terribly, I thought.

Then I felt a familiar tugging, sucking sensation on my ear – Ugly, in so much pain, suffering and obviously dying, was trying to suckle my ear. I pulled him closer to me, and he bumped the palm of my hand with his head, then he turned one golden eye towards me, and I could hear the distinct sound of purring. Even in the greatest pain, that ugly battle scarred cat was asking only for a little affection, perhaps some compassion.

At that moment I thought Ugly was the most beautiful, loving creature I had ever seen. Never once did he try to bite or scratch me, try to get away from me, or struggle in any way. Ugly just looked up at me completely trusting in me to relieve his pain.

Ugly died in my arms before I could get inside, but I sat and held him for a long time afterwards, thinking about how one scarred, deformed little stray could so alter my opinion about what it means to have true pureness of spirit, to love so totally and truly. Ugly taught me more about giving and compassion than a thousand books, lectures, or talk show specials ever could, and for that I will always be thankful .

He had been scarred on the outside, but I was scarred on the inside, and it was time for me to move on and learn to love truly and deeply. To give myself totally to those I cared for.

Many people want to be richer, more successful, well liked, or beautiful, but for me, I will always try to be Ugly”.  (Author Unknown).

I read this again today, and thought to myself – had someone just taken the time to find out what had happend – much like those humans around us we judge so completely and without thought as to how we are treating one another – What would we find?

Today we are so quick to judge.  We look with our eyes and not our hearts.  We take for granted what we have, and not what we truly need in life.  Love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness is all but gone in today’s generation.  Respect for others, lacking morals, common sense and general caring about what is happening with our friends, neighbors, family and those we do not take time to find out about.

I too am guilty of this.

All too often.

However, this story will remain in my heart as it hurt me deeply.  How was it no matter the circumstance “Ugly” was still able to hope to find one person with compassion and caring? Why keep coming into situations where it was known nothing good would come?

This is not about animal abuse only, but how no matter badly “Ugly” was treated; the determination to find one who would love and take care of him could or would happen.  Although the lesson learned was too late as is the case all too often, still a lesson was learned.

Do not judge, do not sit back and wait for others to step in, and ask yourself who or how could a life be changed by my (our) actions.  Give of yourself freely, take only what you need, and give back what you can every day.

I sit here now melancholy and morose thinking of this scenario is so many other way’s I could have made a difference.  As a nurse and social worker I put 100% plus in everyday to change lives, make sure others were taken care over me, and gave dearly of myself to the point of no return all too often.  Now, as I sit and reflect; I may have made a difference in many lives, but still find myself asking what have I done of late to make a person smile, feel better about themselves or just gave an ounce of appreciation.

Here is what I propose, take the time to learn of others, stop judging, ask questions, give advice or a shoulder.  Pay attention to what surrounds you and not just what is on your screens in front of you.

I feel those of us who quilt as a passion do do this.  We give of ourselves with each gift of our quilts, I never ask myself did they like it, will they use it or was it enough.  That is not for me to care of, as it is the recipient who makes those decisions of whether to use the gift or dispose it how they see fit.  I no longer ask what kind of quilt would you like, or what colors do you want.  It is a gift from me to you, and each one has part of my heart and soul in it, even some blood and tears.

Today, ask yourselves what have I done to make a difference.

In quiet reflection – this story reminds me so much of the stories my grandmother told me and all my cousins throughout our lives how a stranger could be your savior.  Never take for granted who may knock at your door in the middle of the during a storm or in quiet repose of evenings before dawn, for that strange could one day change your life forever, as you may do in those moments of receiving them into our homes.

Until next time, thoughtful prayers for you, many blessing wished upon you and calm retreats blessed upon you.



Quilting Mend the Soul – Fall is in the air

Hello, Aloha!  Yes, fall is in the air.  What does this mean for us?

BETTER WEATHER!  To Breath like normal human beings again.

I don’t know about you, but I can not breath in  hot humid weather at all.  I must have both inhalers on me at all times should I go out and it be more than a few minutes during the icky weather days!  Not for me at all.

But today, the weather has begun to change to nicer temps lower humidity and it is very breezy.  So much so I went out the screen room for the first time in a long time, I am excited to spend the rest of the days of this weather out there doing things, even it is just reading a book.  However, today the wind is a blustery, and let me tell you when you and your rocker about blow over, it is a bit scary!

Not sewing weather out there for sure, I would chasing pieces down it is so windy, but oh the windows are open and the doors and it is NICE!  Hopefully good sleeping weather too, rain in the forecast, but not sure if it will do that we never know here in Southwestern Michigan.

I just thought of something here, they always say Southwestern lower Michigan.  Doesn’t southwestern sort of say that already; as for lower part of the state…

The twins are a bit frisky too with the fresh air blowing and the air off.  It is so nice!

I did not sleep at all last night AGAIN, tried several things, and just said let it happen when it does, I am not going to force it.  I sewed most of the blocks for my new fall quilt for an Aunt, and still have a long way to go on it, but it is coming along nicely.  Not sure if I will work on it any today or not.  I am upstairs and liking the breeze coming through, and it is just quiet, so I may work on projects up here, on this machine, I do have projects on each level of the house as to where I am.  And each machine is set up for different things too.   I am sure many of you do this too.  I just don’t like to work on things all the time until it is done, I like to change things around.

Variety is the spice of life for sure, and it keeps me from getting bored with projects.  Yesterday however, it was not a choice to sit and sew as I was doing the house work stuff that needed to get done, so it is off my mind and I can get what I want done done.  However, the pain in my hips and legs was just too much to continue to stand any longer, as a matter of fact I laid down for quite sometime, and vegged out, I think I may have taken a nap too not sure.  I did cook breakfast for dinner, sometimes that is so much better.  Biscuits and gravy are always a welcome entree for me.  And it was worth the extra effort in walking to get it done.

Yes, I make biscuits from scratch.  I really do try to stay away from processed foods like can biscuits, as all those ingredients I can not pronounce make me wonder what they really are.  We have just gotten so use to instant results, even our dinners are no longer what they used to be anymore.  Well in my house they are, as I do not go to fast food places or eat outside the house unless I have too.  I want to know who made it and what is in it.  AND I have so many allergies to spices and other foods, I can not risk it.

I tell you, If I could stay in my bedroom all the time I would.  I am happy with my results, it is what I needed, a get away from it all place.  I have a sitting reading area, I can move my sewing table into any room up here as well, and roll my chair there too.  It was a good choice to do, I do recommend it for you all who suffer from any disorders.  NO TV in here either, I like that too!  I have one in the other bedroom, and can move in there to sew and listen to it, should I choose.  I am however choosing to do quiet only up here.  No alarm clock next to me either, those damn red numbers were on my last nerve.  My phone or iPad does have the clock on it, so I have too look at that during the no sun hours, as my wall clock is very dark and not able to see very well.  The phone and ipad are turned off or silent as well while I am sleeping.

Truthfully I just sleep better during the day, not a bad thing to do either, no worries when you are not bombarded by all the news, and social media crap!  I do look at my facebook pages, and orders and such, even in my studio just a tv and dvd player there, and I tend to watch the same things over and over.

As a matter of fact, I am listening to very subtle Celtic Christmas music now.  I just love the instrumentals, as most voices drive me nuts ESPECIALLY those digitally corrected voices, hate those and I can pick them out EVERY time, if you can’t sing and look good well hell make an album it can be auto tuned.  That is fraud in my opinion!  And I just don’t like most singers without the true talent.  I love P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Alison Krause,  Josh Groben, Garth Brooks, and several others who use their real own voices, you can not hang up side down on a building and sing like P!nk and it not be real!

As for me, I take it every day as it comes, and am grateful.  Getting through the day is an accomplishment on its own, and if I do not get things done, they are going to be there later, even when I quilt I have NO deadlines, I do not want that stress on me.  I get to it when I get to it for sure.

With this new surgery coming up I can tell you I plan to be off grid up until it is over and then for a bit after.  I will update very little on that, as I am nervous and anxious to get it over and done with now.  It is one of those things that is just in the back of my mind, and digging little holes in my brain daily, hourly actually.  But it is what it is, let us hope it works.

Hard to believe I am going to have my heart burned all over the place, then frozen too at the same time, little weird when I think about, I have actually obsessed over it and watched every You Tube video on Cardiac Ablation there is out there.  Just hoping to get off this horrid medication I am on, and need other medications for me to take that medication due to side effects.  IT IS A VICIOUS CIRCLE.  I truly think at times the drug makers do this on purpose!

Ah Celtic music soothes the soul as it is but Christmas Celtic is so much better.  Green Sleeves is my favorite for sure.

I am all over the place today with this, but you know what.  I think it is time we take a break from our disorders and let life go on with out having it in our faces every turn of the corner.  Don’t get me wrong I know it can not be forgotten, but to put it aside at times is very helpful.  We will call this my journal for the day.  I am not in any pain really, just bleh.  I need a nap really.  BUT I AM SLEEPING TONIGHT DAMN IT!

Hopefully not waking up to sneezing either.  Neighbor is mowing AGAIN!  He is obsessed with that damn new mower of his I swear.  No Need to mow every other day!  Sheesh!  I mean really I like to see pretty grass, but this is just over the top. Yes he is mowing, not just riding that thing around.  I get it new toy and all, but turn off the mowing deck and just ride it.  Grass is pretty though, best I have seen in it 23 years!

Now back to reality and what we really need here today!  FUN, relaxation, freedom from down thoughts, and just a place of serenity, and calm.  It is what I ordered as a nurse, I will get the written script for you all at a later date.  But that is what I say today, let it all go, get ready for the better weather, and the better days that come with it.  I for one do so much better when the weather is better like this.  I play hell getting here, that is a given due to the changes that affect the body and the ailments, but I am here now, and for now will enjoy until the winter starts to come in then we will deal with it all over again, the changes of season is one hard thing to get past.  Hopefully no new moons this weekend either, crazy times for me.

I have decided one day at a time, and every day above the daisies is best as my Friend DALE say.  Love my daisies but, they are too look at not fertilize, so I am not doing that any time soon.  I will defy the odds every day, and go on.  It is a mind set for sure.  I will take the time to smell the roses, which I love mine, and they are blooming now, and I will look at the daisies I am not getting too close to them any time soon even though they have bloomed and been long gone this season already.

Also, if you need an escape I have found watching videos in You Tube of my favorite topics is a major stress reducer for me.  Laughing out loud is always good, and if some make you cry then so be it, you needed it.

I want us all to remember, we are blessed to have another day.  Even we do suffer through it, we are here.  I will keep on, and I will support you as you all do for me.  Thank you for that. And I will try to stop obsessing over this surgery coming up, but it is a little scary at the moment, the unknown does that to me.  Truthfully, the medication I take that caused all the weird thoughts can go at any time now, I want to think like I used to even with brain fog, it was better than these thoughts of “is today the day I am done”, or “Will it go wrong really wrong”, I mean I died three times last year on the table during a major fluid over load, I did not see a light, or tunnel or anything.  Matter of fact I do not remember most of it, I lost those eleven days to follow the events as I was so medicated in order to make me rest, I will never have them back.  So it was NOT my time, nor is it now.

Now, go create, rest, think outside the box, enjoy your weather if it is good, and be blessed to have this day and each one to follow.

Take care.

Until next time.


Quilting Mends the Soul – Attention we have Retention!

A day is a day is a day.  What does this mean to you?

For me, it is a daily struggle.  That is what I means to me.  It means that energy is low, motivation does not exist, and thoughts just swirl for no reason at all.  It is a drain to the soul! Fluid Retention is in my face, feet, hands, and ankles!

What causes it?

I am told medications, it is part of the disease process, and you have to make life style changes.

WELL!  Hells bells!  If I changed all the foods I can’t eat I would be stuck with water, and even that is limited for me to not a whole lot. 2000 ML a day up from 1500 finally.  Why do I retain fluids when I get about 8.5 cups a day.

So what does this mean for those of us who deal with this?

“Your body is mostly water. It’s in your blood, muscles, organs, and even your bones. You need it, but sometimes your body holds on to too much of it. This is water retention, and it causes puffiness and swelling. It can be triggered by many different things”. (Mayo Clinic, 2017).

How is it remedied?

Via diet.

A recent article states the following:

What Is a Fluid Restricted Diet?

A fluid restricted diet limits the amount of fluid that you consume each day. In addition to beverages, many foods provide fluids. Examples include ice cream, yogurt, gelatin, pudding, soups, sauces, and watery fruits.

Why Should I Follow a Fluid Restricted Diet?

A fluid restricted diet helps prevent fluid from building up in the body. You may need to follow a fluid restricted diet if you have end-stage kidney disease, are on dialysis, or have heart failure. In these cases, not following a fluid restricted diet can add stress to the body and lead to additional complications.

How Much Fluid Can I Have?

This varies depending on factors, like your body size and health conditions. For heart disease, many doctors recommend limiting fluid to 64 ounces (8 cups) per day. Your doctor will prescribe a fluid allowance that is right for you.

What Foods Should be Limited on the Fluid Restricted Diet?

The following foods and beverages should be limited on the fluid restricted diet:

  • All beverages
  • All foods that are liquid at room temperature:
    • Ice cubes
    • Gelatin
    • Ice cream
    • Yogurt
    • Soups
    • Sauces
    • Watery fruit


  • Keep a fluid log:
    • Record your daily fluid intake.
    • Make sure you know how much fluid your bowls, mugs, and glasses hold. (To determine this, fill each with water. Then, pour the water into a measuring cup.)
    • Weigh yourself daily or according to your doctor’s orders. A rapid change in weight can be the result of fluid gain or loss.
  • To reduce your thirst and alleviate dry mouth:
    • Eat a diet low in sodium.
    • Chew on ice chips.
    • Suck on sugar-free hard candy.
    • Chew gum.
  • Work with a dietitian to develop an individualized eating plan.

I have to take Lasix (furosemide) 20 mg two times a day.  Well there is one reason for my lack of sleep!  YES I wake from a sound sleep and have to go pee, well then I am awake.  How do I remedy this?  I take naps.  Just woke from one matter of fact, feel a bit more refreshed for sure.  Well it was four hours worth to be exact.  But a good solid sleep!

I had been processing orders, and my neuropathy kicked in half way up the stairs with a box full of orders.  YEP,  had to stop right there and wait.  But I did it, did not think I was going to make it before I fell over to the floor, but I did.

Other Contributing factors to retention of water:

“The causes of body fluid retention, or edema, include prolonged inactivity, premenstrual syndrome, ingesting too much salt and pregnancy, claims Mayo Clinic. Edema may also be a side effect of drugs like NSAIDs, hypertension drugs, steroids, estrogen and thiazolidinediones, which are drugs that treat diabetes“. (Mayo Clinic, 2017)

“However, edema can be a sign of serious illness, claims Mayo Clinic. It can be a sign of congestive heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, and damage or disease of the kidneys. Kidneys regulate the balance between salt and water, and edema can result if the kidneys are impaired. Other causes of edema are weakened veins in the legs and a compromised lymphatic system that can no longer drain excess fluid efficiently”. (Mayo Clinic, 2017)

Congestive heart failure leads to edema because at least one of the lower chambers of the heart can’t pump blood efficiently, says Mayo Clinic. Because of this, the blood pools in the lower extremities, which causes the swelling of edema. Fluid can also accumulate in the abdomen and in the lungs. If the valves in the veins aren’t working, blood pools in the leg veins, which leads to swelling. Pregnant women get edema because of the fluid that’s needed to support the fetus and the placenta. This causes her body to hold on to more salt and fluid than usual”. (Mayo Clinic, 2017)

My factors are my heart’s inability to pump enough blood, and I have lung issues as well.  AND medications on top of it.  So it is a daily struggle.

FOLLOW YOUR DOCTORS INSTRUCTIONS. (medications will help or changes can be made to help).

DO NOT FOLLOW SELF HELP GURUS!  This can kill you, most of them are not doctors or in the medical field at all, and have no history on you!  So be careful on buying those usually useless books, that can put your life in danger.  When it comes to this topic especially, you may have an undiagnosed condition that needs immediate professional intervention.

I struggle with it every day.  I pee 10 million times a day, or some days I am just like did I pee, not even the medication does the job.  I can be stressful for sure, and it a pain the ass when you gain a shite tone of weight for no reason at all, then you pee to gazillion times and then your weight is back to normal.

If you struggle with constipation during time of retention, let your doctor know.  BELIEVE me, I have to do this every week!  I am so sick of the Amiodarone, I used to go back and forth with the no poo, too much poo it is part of LUPUS for sure, but now I have to track when I poop, how much, what color, shape and did it smell funny!  YES, a poop log (no pun intended here).  I literally have to log it all, due to going many days with out any out put of poo!  TALK ABOUT #grouchpissedoffstuffedtothegills!  

I hope this remedies after the surgery and I am off that God awful, life saving medication, it does what it supposed to do, but damn the side effects are killer!  Well not really but you know what I mean!  Seriously if you are dealing with constipation on a regular basis get checked, my favorite uncle passed of colon cancer and had no idea he had it until it was too late, and he would stink up the entire house, but need at least an hour to have a bowel movement, he was stubborn for sure and like my dad hated the doctor.


Watch your weight changes, and keep a log daily.  It can help you in the long run as well as the immediate!  It is important to keep a log.  I had a 17 pound gain once, it killed me three times on the table, by putting too much pressure on my heart!  I am serious here folks, I passed out while on phone with 911, then woke up several days later to find I had died three times and had to be shocked back!  NO icd at the time, thusly one now!  (I don’t tell a lot of people about that).

Keep your log!

That is for today.  I hope you have a better or the best day you can.  NAP if you need it, cry if you want, yell as loud as you can we deserve it, we are fighting disorders in so many fashions no one really knows what we are going through.

Take care.




American Society for Nutrition

Eat Right—Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Canadian Resources

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The Kidney Foundation of Canada


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Mayo Clinic, (retrieved, 2018).


Quilting mends the Soul- Just a thought

Hello, no insights today.  Just a thought here and there.  I am a bit tired today for sure, I am not sure what this insomnia thing is about.  It is not like I am over thinking, or drinking too much caffeine before bed, or any of that.  It is just there.

Sew, what do you do when this happens to you?

Me I try to read since I love to read, and I love to sew as well.  But, I also like to look at patterns I may want to try too.  I do a lot of fabric coordination in my head as well.  Last night I sat and cut the pieces for my aunts quilt, while I tried to figure out my other aunts quilt too, it was just one of those nights.

Took my meds, went to bed with a book until they kicked in, finally got tired at about 0330.  It was just crazy since I had been up early and no napping all day and still could not go to sleep.  I swear it is making me a bit nuts.

I do have in the back of my mind this upcoming surgery in October, which was confirmed I will be over night there, and then released the next day.  Now to figure out If I need a hotel room due to the time I have to be there or not.  It is a fasting night too.  I hate those they make not eat after mid night etc, but you do not go to surgery until 18 hours later!  UGH!  I will be HANGRY person for sure, I already know as I do this every time they say I have to do it.

Technically it is 12 hours before the surgery.  Not at midnight so that just sucks they say that!

So Now I am going to go get orders ready, look at inventory for a couple of request and then decide what to do until my prescriptions are ready to picked up.  Still have NOT gotten the med I am out of.  Currently I sit here on wait about the estimate on my vehicle, and the repair cost on it.  They are NOT answering!  UGH, yep a Monday for sure.

My to do list has not shrank today either.  I just don’t feel like doing anything today, and most likely will not until I do.  It is a Monday.

I hope you all are having as good a day as possible.  I am thinking on my next post as to what I may include, and will write again tomorrow I am sure.  For now I just don’t want to think either.

Take care of yourselves first, and know you always have a friend here who understands.


Quilting Mends the Soul – Neuropathy

Hello, yes I am writing two days in a row!

Yes, I have had insomnia two days in a row as well.  Too much thought, and not enough work I guess.

Oh well.  Today I want to talk about neuropathy.  YEP!  You guessed it!  I have it too.  It is one of the strangest disorders I have.  Since it is never the same.  I have had the bee stings in my legs for no reason just all of the sudden feels like I am being stung, then I have had the electric shocks in my feet.  I have numbness in my hands all the time,  not to the point that I can not do anything, but my finger tips do not feel things like they should.

So what is it?

In general it is a disorder which affects all the nerves in our bodies.  The most common being Peripheral Neuropathy.

“Neuropathy is a term that refers to general diseases or malfunctions of the nerves. Nerves at any location in the body can be damaged from injury or disease. Neuropathy is often classified according to the types or location of nerves that are affected. Neuropathy can also be classified according to the disease causing it”. 

What are the types:

  • Peripheral neuropathy: Peripheral neuropathy is when the nerve problem affects the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord. These nerves are part of the peripheral nervous system. Accordingly, peripheral neuropathy is neuropathy that affects the nerves of the extremities- the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands, and arms. The term proximal neuropathy has been used to refer to nerve damage that specifically causes pain in the shoulders, thighs, hips, or buttocks.
  • Cranial neuropathy: Cranial neuropathy occurs when any of the twelve cranial nerves (nerves that exit from the brain directly) are damaged. Two specific types of cranial neuropathy are optic neuropathyand auditory neuropathy. Optic neuropathy refers to damage or disease of the optic nerve that transmits visual signals from the retina of the eye to the brain. Auditory neuropathy involves the nerve that carries signals from the inner ear to the brain and is responsible for hearing.
  • Autonomic neuropathy: Autonomic neuropathy is damage to the nerves of the involuntary nervous system. These nerves that control the heart and circulation (including blood pressure), digestion, bowel and bladder function, the sexual response, and perspiration. Nerves in other organs may also be affected.
  • Focal neuropathy: Focal neuropathy is neuropathy that is restricted to one nerve or group of nerves, or one area of the body. (University of Kansas Health system, 2018).

We are not going into all of the causes today, there are many and I am sure you have researched it as well.  The one I want to focus on today is the Auto Immune type as well as peripheral.

What are the symptoms:


“Regardless of the cause, neuropathy is associated with characteristic symptoms. Although some people with neuropathy may not have symptoms, certain symptoms are common. The degree to which an individual is affected by a particular neuropathy varies”.

‘Damage to the sensory nerves is common in peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms often begin in the feet with a gradual onset of loss of feeling, numbness, tingling, or pain and progress toward the center of the body with time. The arms or legs may be involved. The inability to determine joint position may also occur, which can result in clumsiness or falls. Extreme sensitivity to touch can be another symptom of peripheral neuropathy. The sensation of numbness and tingling of the skin is medically known as paresthesia.

‘The loss of sensory input from the foot means that blisters and sores on the feet may develop rapidly and not be noticed. Because there is a reduced sensation of pain, these sores may become infected and the infection may spread to deeper tissues, including bone. In severe cases, amputation may be necessary.

‘When damage to the motor nerves (those that control movement) occurs, symptoms include weakness, loss of reflexes, loss of muscle mass, cramping, and/or loss of dexterity”.

Autonomic neuropathy, or damage to the nerves that control the function of organs and glands, may manifest with a wide variety of symptoms, including:

Man can I say these are all so common daily for  me!  For those of us who do have this, we have tried medications for sure.  I see so many stating they are on 450 mg of Lyrica and more.  That scares me, since that is a controlled substance with a very high addiction rate, and misuse rate as well especially is post alcoholism and drug addictions.   “The maximum recommended dose of LYRICA is 100 mg three times a day(300 mg/day) in patients with creatinine clearance of at least 60 mL/min. Begin dosing at 50 mg three times a day (150 mg/day). The dose may be increased to 300 mg/day within 1 week based on efficacy and tolerability”.

I actually only take 75 mg a day once a day and do just fine.  For those who have gone above the recommended dose, you may need to seek out a new medication or find another way to reduce the amounts you take, your kidneys will soon be affected not only by the drug but by the neuropathy as well.  As well be sure you have getting your blood work done as your doctors states, and if you are not getting or has not been stated you need it.  FIND A NEW DOCTOR!

Like I said I have peripheral version of this little bitch, and there are days that I can  not feel things; oh like I cut myself on those days I do stay away from sharp objects, I can tell, I can not feel my own skin when I touch it.   Now on the days my feet are bad, well I am just going to not touch the floor with them If I can, it feels like I am stepping on hot glass shards.

It is said that a combination of medications may help more than any one, so an antidepressant with an anti inflammatory and a nerve blocking agent may be better for you, it all depends on the treatment you have tried and failed with.  But also it really does need to be communicated what is happening and when.  Frequency, duration and intensity.  All must be communicated to your care providers.

Again I can not stress the large amounts of Lyrica being taken is very dangerous to many of you.  Ask about other treatments. 

Get your vitamin levels checked at least every 3 months.  That is a major contributor to the pain, a low B vitamin level will cause pain.

  • Vitamin deficiencies: Deficiencies of the vitamins B12 and folate as well as other B vitamins can cause damage to the nerves.

Be sure you or your care coordinators are well versed in your situation, and are able to correlate all the information to your provider(s).

“The treatment of neuropathy involves measures to control the symptoms as well as treatment measures that address the underlying cause of neuropathy, if appropriate. Medical treatments for diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infections, kidney disease, and vitamin deficiencies are varied and are directed at the specific underlying condition. In many cases, treatment of the underlying disease can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of neuropathy. Some cases, especially those involving compression or entrapment of nerves by tumors or other conditions, can be relieved by surgery”. (University of Kansas Health System, 2018).

Treatment is key, but voicing your concerns, your symptoms, and your current medications and illnesses is also very important.  If need be, ask for a referral to a neurologist since they specialize in this disorder.

Until next time, keep your hands and feet warm. Your heart open to all, and remember you are not alone.




Quilting mends the Soul – Insomnia

Well, now I am just pissed.  I had an entire post done, and ready to publish and I hit a button I do not kow what it was and it is all gone.  Maybe it was meant to be, I had a little rant in there, that maybe should not have been.  I need to journal those moments I have.

Sew, I had a mania night, I did not sleep at all.  Got a lot of quilts done I wanted to do though.  But, it was odd to be so involved and needing to get things done all at once, but it is done now and off the To Do List.  I almost started another, but decided to read and go to bed.  Well HELL that did not work either, I read the entire book and went to bed at 0500 and then woke up at 0900!  yep, I am a grouch today too.  No peopling today for me.

Also, you may see my typing as odd.  I switched to my Dell notebook over my desk top, I just don’t want to always have to sit at my desk to write.  I need some time to get use to this keyboard again, its been at least 5 years since I last used this. And I hate that little thing you use to move the cursor I need to get a mouse for this.

I have been itching for days, not allergies either.  It is something with the Lupus, my skin is in a flare, as i do have discoid lupus which only effects the skin.  So it is making me nuts and the only thing that works is more prednisone, which make me more manic, no thanks not tonight.

I have plenty to do for sure. I have orders to prep, quilt tops to make, house to clean etc., but when you have insomnia for days like I do nothing is interesting anymore, or the energy is just not there.

They say drink warm milk before bed.  Nope not doing that.  Also, go pee before bed, do not drink caffeine, or a lot of anything one to two hours before bed.  Turn off your devices 3 hours before bed, remove the t.v. from your bed room – now this I did do and I like it much better.  I do have my kindle for reading, but I changed the back to black with white letters as it is easier on the eyes, and less of a stimulant to your brain.  The sepia choice is good too.  I have also heard if you have a lot to do on your to do list, do one thing before bed, so that it is not nagging at you.

But today people are so involved in everything.  They have their phones or devices in their faces 24/7.  They have their kids in every sport and activity out there, and run non stop.  When I was a kid it was make a choice and do that one thing, not all of them, and that was a good thing for me.  Now my sister was in a lot of sports and they sometimes overlapped, but that was the norm as one was ending and another starting, so that was okay.  But for me I chose orchestra and field band, that was by season, so I like it, I could practice at home most of the time, unless we had a show then we did do extra.  But as for me, I was outside in the shade, or inside with my grandma doing something as my parents worked odd hours.  I did NOT have phone privileges until I was 12~!  WTH!  a 1100.00 i-phone was not an option, nor would it be today!  Kids today are spoiled too much!

But all those things listed may work for you.  For me mostly not.  I have tried them for sure.  But, when I have mania like last night I just go with it, get it done, and then move on.  If goes on for a couple of days, then it is time for medication to make it stop.

UGH I really need a mouse, over this pad thingy!

Turn your phones off at night if possible, or at least on vibrate.  The notifications or going to keep you awake.  I know some have kids that are away, and need phones on, but that is a major cause of anxiety and insomnia, is your phone.  I know it is NOT A LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM!   And who the hell needs their appliances connect to their phones.  SERIOUSLY!  That is laziness at its best!  I am not politically correct in anyway, so get used to that, if the words form in my head they are going to come out my mouth or this case out of my fingers!  So that is me.  I am not here to please anyone in every aspect.  I may offend someone, but you know what you are an adult choose to let it get to you or let it go.  There!

That is important!  LET IT GO!  If it is not going to change your life in any significant way LET IT GO!  What is the use of worrying over something you are not going to solve in the middle of the night, and if someone hurt your feelings, grow a tougher skin, or say it right then to their face, everything you have in your head that your are saying to them, so it out loud then and now!  Stop keeping it in.  I don’t.  I have not enough room in my head for all that crap!  People are entitled today or so they think.  They think they can say and do anything they want to another human being.  It is like that scene in ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, where they say “face it lady were younger and faster”, and then TAWANDA comes out!  Love that scene, that is me so much, I won’t take the BS of anyone today.  But in truth their are days I just don’t go out due to not knowing what will happen anymore.

That brings me to my next point.  I DO NOT watch the news, except for weather and then most likely I will check that on the app thing on t.v. that I can read and not have to hear it.  The news will keep you up at night, it is frightening all that is happening around us, and you don’t know what is true anymore.  SO I just avoid it, if I can.  Social media is not a must for me either.  I can sign off, and not be bothered, I do not care what the Karcrakians are doing, or what hollywood couple cheated.  Just don’t.  It is not important to me.  When you have a disorder that causes insomnia, you have to choose what and who you let in your life!

You have the power to control your incoming information, and that will make a world of difference, unless you have a manic night, then it is just let the good times roll, get it done, get through and hope for the best.  Thankfully those are few and far between for me, but I know when I have one, get to it, and let it happen.  Work through it and just say tomorrow is now, and I will sleep today If I have to or IF I can.  If not, rest then.  Take time to read, veg, and do nothing if you so desire.  Let it go, and then do nothing about it. If you can not change it right then, it is not the time to try.  I mean what can you do at 3 am when you have to make a call to get an answer.  Journal it though, so you have record of what your thoughts were, and what you needed to do.  I get brain fogged when I do not sleep well for many nights in a row.

Hell, this week I think I spent 3 days in bed reading, and resting.  It was great.  I needed it, and I feel better for it.  That could have caused the mania though, where it was just go go go go.  This bout was odd, I just had to get it done!  But, it was worth it since I now have three very nice quilts ready for quilting.  NOW to have a night where I can stand there and quilt them all in one night!  LOL!  That would not be good, as I would not be able to move for two weeks after!  Thankfully none of them have a delivery date on them, so that is that.  Now I can move on to other things I have ready to go, and get two more done for my aunts that have not gotten one yet.

Sew, that is it for today.

Create, be well, rest and enjoy the day.

Til next time.


Quilting Mends the Soul – One of those days or Nights in my case

Have you had one of those nights that literally turns into a day?  I do all to frequently.

I went to bed last night thinking, okay this is it, I am going to sleep right after I go to bed.  NOPE!  Up til 0700 and finally took something to make me sleep, it was my last resort; I just could not fall asleep!  This is something I do all to often, and it is getting old!

I did do a few things that I thought were safe to do, since I was so tired.  But truthfully I just did not feel like doing anything productive, since I had dome so much the day before.  I wanted to write, but did not feel like sitting at my desk for that long, however it may have helped if I had.  At times writing and getting things out of your head, does help to turn your brain off.

I still have not found the off switch to my brain yet.  You would think there would be one!

I just could not get the dumb things out of my head, like “Oh if I did this this way, then it would look like that, but then I have to do this”…  Yeah one of those night’s not even reading would get me to sleep.  So I just stayed up, rested at least so that is good.

Even if we can not sleep we still need to rest, just do nothing.  Think, get it all out of our heads.  Stop the what if’s and move on.  So that is what I did.

I knew I had orders to process, however my printer did a little thing the other day, and I just did not feel like trying to figure it out at 0300.  Was not worth, so I sit here writing now, trying to get it to do what it is supposed to do.  But I think it just needs a good cleaning so I am letting it do that, a deep cleaning!

After all is said and done, do we need to do something when we are restless and can not sleep?


Absolutely not, do not feel guilty.  You need to rest at times, and that does not always mean sleep, just let your body and mind relax and separate from the outside world.

Well, ain’t that the cat’s tail under the rocker.  A piece of paper was stuck in the printer this whole time, and it never said there was a paper jam!  Hmph!

So now That all those thoughts in my head are taken care of today,  I did errands.  I had clothes to donate, a vehicle to drop off for work estimate, and Lowe’s things to do, even went to Gordon’s.  And now I am getting orders printed, I am hoping to night will be a better night for me as those thoughts are just out of my head!

It is crazy how the most mundane of things can niggle at the back of your brain and just make you nuts at times.  Getting the little things off your to do list, can and will make a big difference in your every day life.  It helps with the feeling of accomplishment, it helps to get you organized, and in my case helps to stop all those annoying things bouncing around like baby goats in my head!

Until next time take care, today was just one of those days. I hope to sleep well tonight whether I accomplish anything else or not.