Shunning In quilting groups – WHY?

I have been a part of the quilting world for sometime, although recently in the virtual world in groups on Facebook, it is new to me; although not new to social media I am sure. I joined a group and thought this is going to be fun, and learning a lot from others was what... Continue Reading →

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On a Dime

Life changes on a dime - I know from experience. I wrote previously on being sure to keep our health in check when quilting and creating, then Friday Everything changes for me as well. I was feeling fine; getting ready to put fabrics up in the store which had arrived that day, I had even... Continue Reading →


Healthy Quilting

Healthy Quilting, is taking the time to ask how do I feel when I am quilting, ensuring your health is being taken into account, reduction of stress, and being sure to take quality breaks. We all do it push ourselves to get a project completed, which we may have procrastinated on, or  have some issues... Continue Reading →

It’s Monday – Again…

So I took the day off all day Sunday for me, and nothing at the same time. I did however get some meal prep done, and a few other small little things, but NOTHING major. I just did not feel like it I was tired and slept. OH MY I slept well too. Thus being... Continue Reading →

Back at it!

FINALLY! I am back to sewing!  I have NOT done anything since before Christmas, just had too many other things to get done which are not done either.  But, tonight I went down took my Brother PQ1500 SL off my frame and put it on the new sewing table that was built for me!  OH... Continue Reading →

Getting back to Basics –

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know, this blog will be going back to quilting and crafting only.  I will no longer put my updates here, as it just redundant with having White Lies - Living with Chronic Illness and How to cope. Once I am back to 100% - I don't think I... Continue Reading →

WHO? WhAt? Where, When and WHY!?

YES! This is two days in a row.  However it is short and quick note to let you all know Haver Island Design in NOW on Pinterest too.  I am learning all the basics as I go along and will be uploading merchandise - Created and From the store.  I guess it makes a little... Continue Reading →

It’s Been a while…

HELLO! Yes, It has been a bit since my last post, just so much happening and going on that I have not taken the time to write anything at all. First, you just have to be in the right frame of mind - which I have not been.  Medication changes and such have just made... Continue Reading →

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